Horizon Distribution

Habitat Technology Ecosystem Solutions

Horizon Distribution was incorporated in December 2015 and is headquartered in Dubai.

We constantly aim to be the most prominent distribution channel for technology-based solutions by providing trade-only, value-add, technology-based product distribution, through exclusive vendor representation over a wide geographical area covering Africa, the Middle East, Central & South Asia.

We represent brands from the technology areas of:

AVT - Audio & Video Technology

CAT - Control & Automation Technology

ICT - Information & Communications Technology

EPT - Energy & Power Technology

SPT - Security & Protection Technology

Our vision is to deliver on our concept of HTE - Habitat Technology Ecosystems by providing technologically advanced products and services, to enable our partners and clients to deliver unconventional and unique solutions.

With continuous professional, interpersonal training and skills acquisition, we are slowly expanding our brand portfolio, to eventually offer a holistic technology portfolio to our customers by offering a virtually one-stop shop to their technology requirements, being product or service.



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